• Sandy Papoutsi

    After working on the first Flame, introduced in Germany in 1995 
Sandy Papoutsi moved on to learn the tips & tricks 
from the best Edit-box and Henry artists in Germany.
 She started at ‘Das-Werk Munich’, where she was working
on major accounts like e.g. Wrigley’s, Ferrero and Deutsche Bahn. 
She is responsible for an amazing amount of TV-commercials in that time period.
Sandy decided to leave Germany and go to Greece to work there as 
freelance artist. 
Even though she was living in Athens she kept contact 
with various posthouses in Germany like ‘Velvet mediadesign’ or ‘Das-Werk’ 
in Munich, where she was working on major TVC productions and exhibition 
visuals, like Bombay Sapphire, Audi IAA or Lamborghini IAA.
She was asked by ‘The Posthouse’ to join the company and be one of 
the start-up members of the team. 
Sandy started to work with Flame again to become 
one of the most respected Flame artists in Germany.
After a 12 year career as freelance digital artist, she is 
thoroughly familiar with all major real-time compositing tools. 
Sandy has found her love in making beautiful people 
even more beautiful. She is a digital make-up expert.
She is the co-founder of digital STRAIK and a major 
support in all creative or client questions in the company.

  • Niko Papoutsis

    Niko Papoutsis is the digital kid in the company. 
Since he had his first Computer 17 years ago 
he was involved in animation, creation, design, 3D, 
actually everything he could do with 128 Mbyte of RAM.
He found his way into 'Das-Werk' in Munich where he 
gained more experience in all those fields and started as an 
Inferno artist for visual effects as well for TV-Commercials 
as for complex cinema movie productions.
He moved further from ‘Das-Werk’ in Germany and 
helped to start up 'Cinepos' in Athens, the leading 
visual effects house in Greece as Flame artist and creative partner. 
After one year in Athens he was involved in the upbringing of 
the commercial side of ‘The Posthouse’ in Hamburg, the venture that brought 
digital color grading to a higher level, which was responsible for 
grading ‘Lord of the Rings’.
In an effort to start his own company after a year he became freelancer 
again and was involved since then in major TVC vfx-productions, like 
‘Audi Filter’, ‘Hornbach’, or ‘Mercedes hybrid’.
 With his work he was awarded with the Clio-award, vdw-award or animago-award.
He is the co-founder of digital STRAIK and responsible 
for the management, the development and daily operations of the business. 
His trademark is photorealistic, seamless compositing and vfx-supervision.

  • Bernie Greiner


Bernie Greiner has always had a colorful life.
    Born in South Africa and raised in Vienna/Austria and Munich/Germany, galleries and museums were 
his second home due to his need for light and color. Analyzing the color code and with it, 
figuring out the intension of the artist, has always been his 
first idea when seeing a painting.
In 1997 he took up the opportunity to start as 
 telecine assistent at ‘Das-Werk’ in Munich. He soon 
became well known for his fresh looks and was a key 
grading artist for music videos in Germany.
He went off to Cape Town as freelancer, to become the leading 
grading artist at the ‘Videolab’ and was promoted by ‘Das-Werk Novalisstraße’ 
in Berlin to setup and lead the grading department in Berlin as head of grading.
In 2006 he started his freelance career and is since then responsible 
for major TVC-productions like Mercedes and BMW and is also known for his 
special looks in beauty commercials.
    Bernie Greiner has graded multiple award winning TVC’s and feature 
films and one of them was even nominated for an Oscar, Ajami.
At digital STRAIK Bernie is responsible for the grading 
department and the fresh looks.